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When it comes to vehicle wrapping, one of the most common methods is through vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wraps are long-lasting, often ranging between 3-5 years, and provide excellent protection against scratches and debris while your vehicle is on the road. 

Currently, PVC-Vinyl wraps are readily used throughout the industry. However, PVC produces multiple environmental and health problems due to its high Chlorine concentration, which produces toxic dioxins. PVC is also a type of plastic which causes a negative environmental effect and is mostly non-recyclable, accumulating in landfill sites or being discarded into animal ecosystems, poisoning them. 

An alternative is the use of Non-PVC vinyl wraps/graphics. They are just as easy to apply as PVC vinyl wraps and contain no added Chlorine or halogens, with 58% fewer solvents than conventional films. This means that you have a product with all the pros of a standard PVC vinyl wrap/graphic but without the numerous negative environmental and health impacts. 

Non-PVC VinylThere are multiple benefits of using non-PVC vinyl on your vehicle. Firstly, it’s made of higher quality materials than PVC vinyl wraps, adding to the longevity of a PVC vinyl wrap. The lack of toxic compounds in non-PVC vinyl also means that it’s both environmentally friendly and doesn’t risk the health of those that come in contact with it. As mentioned, it’s more durable than PVC vinyl and therefore, though initially costing a bit more, will be more cost-effective in the long run. Also, if you’ve ever been involved in a livery removal program or a re-brand, you’ll know how important it is that the vinyl removes quickly and cleanly without leaving lots of glue residue behind, saving time and money.

At RGVA, we specialise in the art of vehicle branding and can wrap a single vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, whether it’s a car, lorry, bus, truck – we work with all vehicles. As a 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles are being handled by experienced experts and being wrapped under 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner Warranty.

If you want to more about non-PVC vinyl wraps/graphics or have any enquiries, contact us to see how we can help create a stunning, high-quality and eco-friendly design for you.

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