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Can you wrap over the side plastic mouldings?
If they are Grey textured plastic, we try to avoid these as most materials struggle to adhere to them. 3M have a low surface energy material but it’s still not really designed for fitting to textured surfaces. If wrapping these is an absolute must, we would recommend using 3M Envision 480.

Can you wrap my car for me if I provide the wrap material?
Yes, but only if it’s 3M, Avery or Arlon material and we could not offer a warranty on material we didn’t provide.

What wrap colours do you provide?
Check out the link to the 3M Swatch book to see the full range of 3M wrap materials we can offer. We also offer Avery, Arlon and Orafol wrap films.

Can you wrap over some areas that are textured?
We advise not to wrap over textured surfaces. Most wrap materials are only 80-100 microns thick, so the surface texture would still be seen through the material and in some cases, highlight it further.

Do you offer a mobile fitting service?
Yes we do, however, if you are looking for us to wrap something, you would need to provide the right environment for us to do so.

Do you also wrap wheels?
Yes, however we cannot offer any warranty on wheels.

Can the ceramic coating be applied on top of the wrap?
Yes, we offer a ceramic coating option using Wax is dead™ Wrap and PPF Ceramic.

How long is the warranty?
It depends on the material used on the job. For example, 3M 2080 has a 10-12 year durability and a 7 year warranty. See our colour change wrap page for more information on what your warranty covers.

Can you do a discount if multiple vehicles?
Yes, speak to one of our sales team about your project and we will be able to provide a bespoke quotation.

How long does a vehicle wrap take to apply?
Typically a full external wrap on a saloon car will take two fitters 3-4 days, including strip down and re-build. Our platinum service wraps will take longer.

Does the vehicle need prepping before wrap?
As part of our process, we thoroughly clean the vehicle prior to application but we still ask that the vehicle is provided to us already clean. If the vehicle has been ceramic coated, this would need to be removed before we could apply a wrap. This process can be quite costly as we would have to machine polish any panels that have had the coating applied to.

How much does a car wrap cost?
It depends on the car, the material and the level of coverage you opt for. We offer 3 main services, Silver (from £1900 + vat), Gold (from £2300 + vat) and Platinum (from £2700 + vat). Please see our Colour change wraps page for more details on what these services include.

Will my car paint be damaged when the wrap is removed?
As long as the paint is in good condition when the wrap is applied, there should be no issues with the paint upon removal. We always look for any signs of re-sprayed panels before we wrap a vehicle and let you know if we see any areas of concern. Typically, the bond of the paint to the panel should be 10x stronger than the bond of the vinyl to the paint, so in the very rare occasion that the vinyl pulls paint, it’s very rarely the vinyl that’s the problem.

Is a vehicle wrap cheaper than a paint job?
It depends on who you ask! Like any trade, there are companies out there that will do a cheap job but it’s often at the expense of quality workmanship. If you’re comparing a high-end paint job to a high-end wrap job (Like ours), then a wrap is cheaper.

Can you wrap a car with scratches, dents or rust? Will that cover the damage?
If the paintwork is in overall good condition with very light surface scratches, like swirl marks from cleaning or very light ‘tree lining’ then yes, we can wrap it.
– If your paint or lacquer is peeling, then we cannot wrap over it as it would just fail. The bond of the vinyl to the panel is only as good as the surface it’s sticking to (the paint), and if the paint is falling off…
– If the vehicle has rust, this would need to be repaired before we could wrap over it.
– If the scratches are deep enough to feel with your nail, then wrapping over them will only highlight them, they may need to be machine polished before we can wrap the panel. We offer this service but it’s not guaranteed to remove the scratches entirely. The same apply to dented panels, wrapping them will not hide the dents.

How long does a vehicle wrap last?
Generally a good quality wrap has a durability of 8-10 years, sometimes longer if it’s looked after correctly.

Can you collect my car?
Yes, we partner with a professional vehicle moving company and can provide you with a quotation for this service.

Do you do Window Tinting?
Yes we do, we only offer this service for vehicles brought to our HQ in Maidstone. Speak to one of our sales team to get a quote for your requirement.

Can you create a wrap design concept for me?
Absolutely, we have two in-house graphic designers that love getting creative with a new design brief!

Can I pressure-wash my car when it wrapped?
Yes, however we recommend handwashing. If you do decide to use a pressure washer, it’s important to follow these instructions.
– Use a spray nozzle with a 40 wide spray pattern
– Be sure the nozzle includes a nozzle protector (tip guard)
– If the system is heated, limit the temperature to 180F (82 C) or less.
– Hold the nozzle at least 12 inches (300mm) away from the graphic and perpendicular (90deg +/-10) to the graphic.
– Do not direct the water stream at a sharp angle to the edge of the graphic.

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