The versatility of vinyl wrapping makes it a popular choice for both businesses and car enthusiasts alike. The process is perfect for applying a brand identity to any commercial van or truck, or for changing the look of a privately owned car.

One of the main advantages of a vehicle wrap is that it is totally reversible – which is perfect for any business that leases its vehicles. The wrap can simply be removed at the end of the vehicle lease, revealing pristine paintwork beneath. The vinyl wrap provides a barrier to road damage, such as stone chips and light scuffs, ultimately helping with the resale value of the vehicle. Of course, an old wrap can also always be removed in order to change the vehicle colour or to implement a company rebrand – in a much simpler process than a re-spray.

Another benefit lies in design. The continuing advances in print and material technology mean there are few limits to what can actually be achieved, giving you the opportunity to get really creative – with our help, if required.

The Benefits

  • Wide range of colours & finishes
  • Paint protection
  • Easy to remove
  • Business Exposure
  • 3M vinyl, the best quality
  • Resale value



Chrome Delete / De-Chrome

Chrome trims aren’t for everyone so we have wrapped over the chrome elements on many of our customers cars to give their vehicle a slightly more stealth look. We also have the option of wrapping parts of the car in hi-gloss, matte or carbon effect vinyl.

Partial Wraps

If you’re looking to change the look of your vehicle by adding some colour or, in some cases, removing some colour, we can offer partial wraps that give the desired effect but without the full wrap price tag.

Silver Service – Full External Wrap

Unlike some companies who would wrap the whole car without removing a single thing from the car first, at RGVA we still make sure the car is professionally stripped down so that we can achieve the best finish possible. This includes the removal and re-installation of the front & rear bumpers, trims, front and rear lights, wing mirrors, door handles etc.

Gold Service – Full External Wrap

As with the Silver service, the car is stripped down and the doors are also removed from the car, allowing us clear access to the door shuts. We usually recommend wrapping the door shuts when the original colour of the car is a vast contract to the colour of the vinyl wrap. For example, we are more likely to recommend wrapping the door shuts on a red car that’s being wrapped in white.

Completion time: 4-5 days depending on the number of doors.

Platinum Service – Full External Wrap

As per the Gold service, the doors are removed and also the interior door trims so that the visible arear on the backs of the doors can also be wrapped. This is the ultimate in vehicle wrapping with only the door hinges, boot interior and under bonnet remaining the original paint colour.

Completion time: 4-5 days depending on the number of doors.

Mercedes Colour change wrap

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