RGVA is a 3MSelectGold Partner

As branding programmes become increasingly complex and demanding, poorly fitted graphics, untidy workmanship and applications that quickly fail can quickly become unsightly and potentially representative of your company as a whole.

However, because RGVA is a 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with vinyl wraps and graphics manufactured and fitted under the 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner Warranty.

3M Gold Select Partner Logo

Responsible for your Branding?
Then choose the route to total peace of mind

As a 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner, RGVA offers the ideal vehicle graphics solution for your company, guaranteeing all work to be fitted by fully qualified technicians in total compliance of the strict 3M™ regulations, using only 3M™ manufactured products – the cornerstones of the 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner Warranty.

This means that in the rare event of a problem, RGVA has an aftercare package in place to ensure replacement products can be printed and fitted quickly, meaning minimal downtime for your vehicle.

Experience and Expertise

All graphics manufacturers who display the 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner Logo have signed up to a high standard of graphic production.

Compatibility, guaranteed.

As a 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner, we will use only 3M™ Matched Components – these are the specific inks, films, over laminates, clear coats and masking tapes that have been compatibility tested and approved by 3M™ – only these products fall under the 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner warranty.

What does this mean? 

You are entrusting your graphics to a 3M™ Select Gold Partner who has appropriate:

  • Hardware/system/software components for the production of 3M™ Select Gold Partner warranted graphics
  • Gold Partner warranty
  • Quality control
  • Production environment and storage facilities
  • Staff training

Why insist on a 3MSelectGold Partner Warranty?


The 3M Select Gold Partner Warranty symbol means you are buying quality 3M graphics from a 3M™ Matched Component System Products Qualified Manufacturer.

Total Package

Every time you purchase a graphic from a 3M™ Select Gold Partner, you are ‘buying into’ the benefits of 3M product innovation, technical expertise, ethics and financial stability.

Unrivalled capability

3M™ Select Gold Partners are not only highly qualified, they have also been approved to work in conjunction with 3M™ Matched Component System products, equipment and processes.

UK and Ireland-based analytical capability

Whilst you’ll choose a 3M™ Select Gold Partner produced graphic for its ability to consistently deliver throughout its warranted life, in the unlikely event of failure due to a material fault, 3M has full analytical capability to assess the fault here in the UK, supported by European laboratories. This ensures that any response to a graphic failure is speedily addressed and remedied.

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