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Corporate identity isn’t just about logos and letterheads.  Taking time to build your Corporate Identity is time invested in your company and its future. 

What exactly do we mean by Corporate Identity?

Yes, it involves a visual identity, but more than that it’s the heart and soul of your company, your ethos and values.

Yes, it’s about the products and services, but it’s also about how you conduct yourselves as individuals and as a business. 

Ultimately, it is the reasons why your customers want to connect and stay connected.

Taking the time to carefully develop and build your corporate identity in these areas will help to deliver the results you need, whether you are a start-up or an established business.

  1. Culture and personality – we’ve all witnessed vastly different cultures and personalities in business.  Compare the likes of Google, Lloyds Bank and Innocent and it becomes crystal clear how company cultures and personalities differ.  You have to decide what you stand for and how you want the culture and personality of your company to stand out from the crowd.
  1. Your vision and mission – companies that have a powerful and genuine vision and mission are able to create customer and employee engagement.  The aim is that all stakeholders are passionate, fully engaged and committed to the vision and the mission of the company.  Take a look at these examples:
  • Microsoft (at its founding): A computer on every desk and in every home.
  • LinkedIn: Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.
  • Alzheimer’s Association: A world without Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Facebook: Connect with friends and the world around you on Facebook.
  1. Your values – having clear company values helps ensure you and your employees are working towards the same goals. Your core values support the company’s vision and shape its culture. That’s why every single business decision should be aligned with these values.  Some popular examples of values adopted by companies for various sizes include: integrity, trustworthiness, accountability, customer experience, passion, result oriented, continuous improvement, diversity, innovation, teamwork, collaboration and partnership.  Choosing the values that have the most meaning to you and are the most relevant to your business will make it easy to build these into your daily interactions with customers and suppliers alike.
  1. Design – from business cards and websites, to office décor and uniforms – your logo design is the symbol associated with your company, but it isn’t just the logo.  It’s the design style, colour palette and typography that you can use to create an emotional connection with the audience to bring memories and feelings related to your brand.  These design elements should be included wherever possible, including images, videos and graphics to reinforce your brand whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  1. Vehicle Wrapsevery company is looking to invest their advertising budget to get the best return on investment.

As we’ve already mentioned, graphics have the potential to evoke powerful memories – to make your brand memorable.  So, what is the best way to get your company branding out there on a platform which delivers exceptional value for money?  The answer is vehicle wraps.  

Vehicle graphics should be viewed as an integral part of any business’ overall marketing and brand strategy. 

Whether you are a start up with a small number of vehicles or you are an established company with a large fleet, if you don’t invest in vehicle wraps you are missing the opportunity to make each vehicle a mobile advertising board for your company.

Statistics suggest that mobile advertising is the most effective and efficient form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM) than any other form of outdoor advertising. One vehicle wrap alone can generate tens of thousands of impressions daily.  In addition, mobile advertising reaches consumers not exposed to newspaper, radio and television.

Vehicle branding increases your company’s reach, enhances the professional look of your company and reinforces your corporate identity. Your cars, vans, trucks and trailers will be on the road and visible to thousands of people every day, broadening the potential customer base for your business, making your brand more recognisable, and therefore more accessible. The benefits of using vehicle wraps for your advertising are many:

  • Your vehicle is a mobile advertising platform 24/7/365
  • Graphics can easily be updated and changed – for example for a specific advertising campaign or to target a specific geographical area.  If you have a particular event or promotion, we can help you incorporate that into your graphics.
  • Should a vehicle be involved in an accident if the graphics/vehicle are damaged, then the vehicle wrap can be quickly repaired rather than having to be replaced.
  • Vinyl wraps are long-lasting, often ranging between 3-5 years, and provide excellent protection against scratches and debris while your vehicle is on the road.
  • In many cases, the life of the vehicle wrap out-lives the duration of the vehicle’s lease.
  • The vehicle wraps protect the paintwork of the vehicle, thereby helping to maintain the residual value of the vehicle.
  • If vehicles are travelling or stationary, they are still advertising your business
  • The vehicles are local and national advertising, so you’ll gain more customers than you would by advertising online.
  • The larger the number of vehicles, the more exposure you’ll have for your company graphics and your vehicle wraps.
  • Vehicle wraps can save you thousands on your advertising budget and give a solid return on investment.
  • You do not need to purchase advertising space or clicks to your brand, your vehicle wraps will continuously bring you free advertising.  
  • Choose a supplier using 3M materials – a household name and recognised for providing quality products – and it means you can rest easy knowing your vehicles are being wrapped under 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner Warranty.  You are entrusting your graphics to a 3M™ Select Gold Partner who has appropriate:
    • Hardware/system/software components for the production of 3M™ Select  Gold Partner warranted graphics
    • Gold Partner warranty
    • Quality control
    • Production environment and storage facilities
    • Staff training
  • Overall brand awareness is heightened.

For more information about the complete vehicle branding services offered by RGVA and our cost-effective advertising strategies, which deliver tangible results, call 01622 673797.

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