How often do you drive your van on the road? Do you have a business which operates multiple commercial vans? Whether you have one van or more, you can turn them into a mobile billboard to promote your business and its brand.

Van graphics and wraps are quickly becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising on the road. They can help to promote businesses that are both large and small. For example, let’s say you start your own business and you have very little money for an advertising budget. If you were to make a one-time investment in vinyl van wraps with beautiful graphics printed on them, you would receive unlimited advertising without having to pay anything extra.

A well designed, brightly coloured van creates an instant impression on the road and can be seen by an estimated 100,000 people per week. How much money would it cost you to reach that many people with a pay-per-click campaign over the internet? Would you even be able to reach that many people with a classified ad posted in a newspaper or Craigslist? The answer is no.

The increased business possibilities from this mobile exposure are limitless. You can drive your van around like normal and receive added impressions to your advertisement. Potential customers love van graphics too because they’re non-intrusive. They’ll simply notice the graphics as they pass by your van on the road. No one is calling them on the telephone or knocking on their door to try and sell them something. Instead, these people have the choice to engage with your company if they want to. When you give people a choice like that, they often appreciate it.

Are you ready to have van graphics created for your vinyl van wraps? The first step is to design the graphics and signage that you want to appear on your van wraps. Our experienced designers can help design something to suit your business, or you can provide any photographs, logos, images, or signage you would like to appear on the wraps. The entire process is a team effort between you and our designers. We’ll stay in constant communication and keep you updated on the status every step of the way.

Whatever your budget is for a design, we’ll do our best to accommodate it. You can choose to have an elaborate design which covers your entire van, or a simpler design which covers certain portions of your van. All of this and more will be discussed with you upon your consultation with your design team.

The Benefits

  • Mobile advertising
  • Business exposure
  • Customisable
  • Long lasting
  • Affordable

Mercedes Colour change wrap

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