When it comes to complete fleet liveries, our skilled application team can apply your brand consistently and accurately to every van, truck or trailer – but this process is just the start.

At RGVA, we also offer our customers a complete graphics management service. This service can be specifically tailored to you, or we can work with your existing fleet management company to ensure that your brand is maintained on every one of your vehicles.

Fleet branding increases your company’s reach and enhances the professional look of your corporate identity. A fleet of vans, trucks and trailers will be on the road and visible to thousands of people every day, broadening the potential customer base for your business, making your brand more recognisable, and therefore more accessible.

Put simply, your fleet has the potential to be a moving billboard 24/7/365.

The Benefits

  • Corporate identity
  • Fully manageable
  • Mobile advertising
  • Long lasting
  • Robust Warranty

Mercedes Colour change wrap

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The art of vehicle branding