Traxx® Truck Advertising Framing System

Traxx® is the world’s leading truck advertising frame system, and RGVA is Europe’s leading Traxx® reseller. We have been involved with this flexible, adaptive, and innovative technology since its inception. The system’s designer was also RGVA’s original managing director, so it’s fair to say we know Traxx® like no-one else.

Whether it’s for trailers, rigid trucks, vans, or refuse and recycling vehicles, RGVA has a Traxx® framing product to suit all.

We have now installed the system on thousands of fleet vehicles for customers keen to harness the marketing potential of the quick-change frame and banner system to actively promote their brand from the road.

Traxx® is a patented high-tension aluminium framing system which is used to apply ripple free, high-definition printed banners onto the side of commercial vehicles.

Unrivalled for efficiency and ease of use, the system boasts class-leading attributes in relation to adjustability, tension, weight, dimensions, and environmental considerations.

The banners can be quickly slid into position, and subsequently removed, in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional adhesive application techniques.

RGVA’s skilled technicians are able to change truck and trailer liveries in minutes, in any weather. This allows graphics to be quickly changed to correlate with new marketing campaigns, truly utilising your commercial fleet as a moving billboard for your business.

Once the campaign has come to an end, the specially developed inks and materials mean that all used Traxx® high definition banners are 100 per cent recyclable – as standard.

Traxx® Products

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  • Traxx®Two®

  • Traxx®Three®
  • Traxx® Banner

Some Examples of Traxx®

The Benefits

Unrivalled experience and support

No one understands the vehicle advertising market better than RGVA, and we can use the Traxx® system to amplify your brand to make the biggest impact.

We have been installing the Traxx® system to vans, trucks and trailers since its inception, so we know the product better than anyone. No matter the size of your fleet, we can support you through the entire process, from design through to application. And as you harness the quick-change capabilities Traxx® can offer, we will continue to provide the same level of support through each subsequent reapplication.

We’ll show you the value of your vehicle’s real estate

Our dedicated Traxx® team can help you unleash the promotional potential of your commercial fleet, and then show you how to continue to tap into this potential time and time again.

Working with our nationally recognised data provider, we can tell you exactly how many people see your livery and also give you a full demographic breakdown for the audience.

By mapping routes and comparing census data we understand who sees your vehicles, how old those people are, their occupation and even a lifestyle profile. With many commercial vehicles operating along the same routes day in, day out, we can help you to develop liveries that target particular elements of your customer base, maximising the potential of each vehicle and making each of your campaigns a promotional success.

The lightest, slimmest and most environmentally credentialed frame and banner system available on the market

The Traxx® system utilises the latest technology and innovations to remain ahead of the competition. The system is designed to allow for ripple free, drum-like tension on a banner able to fit any size of truck.

The frame is originally fixed using glue, screws or rivets, and can be mounted to flat, corrugated, and even damaged trucks – the system is truly that versatile. Once the frame is securely attached, the banners are then simply slid into place. The patented locking mechanism fixes them tightly to the sides of your vehicle, leaving no unsightly ripples and an optimal display.

Ten year, 350-change warranty

We are so confident in the Traxx® technology and the quality of the frame and banners that we happily offer a free, seven year warranty – as standard.

The warranty covers the frame and allows for 350 banner changes. It’s a market-leading warranty for a market-leading product, and it means your fleet will be covered for the duration of the vehicle’s life.

In-house creative service

Our extensive knowledge of vehicle branding means we are able to provide design consultants who can offer advice as you develop your marketing campaigns.

With more than 16 years’ experience of the industry, and hundreds of successful campaigns already on the road, our creative team can provide an affordable service to meet all of your design requirements. From concept creation and image sourcing, through to final print and delivery, we take care of it all for you.

High definition, anti-graffiti or lacquered banners – it’s your choice

Whether you require high definition banners for the best possible visuals, graffiti-resistant banners or scratch-resistant lacquered banners, RGVA can tailor a printing solution that best fits your needs in the short and long-term.

Highest quality digital printing systems

RGVA is supported by the UK’s largest and best digital printing systems. This allows us to provide a wide range of printing services, whilst maintaining a seven day turnaround time for delivery of your latest campaign messages. We were also the first UK digital printing business to pick up triple ISO accreditations: 9001 – Management Systems; 14001 – Environmental Systems; and 18001 – Health and Safety Systems.

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