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Fleet Livery / Fleet Wraps

Van vehicle wraps increase business exposure and by wrapping an entire fleet of vehicles you can create thousands of visual impressions on a daily basis – the more vehicle wraps per business the more exposure you will receive.

Van Graphics

RGVA offer customers a complete graphic management service. This management service can be tailored to you or we can work with an existing fleet management company to ensure that the brand is maintained on all your vehicles.


Traxx® is the World’s leading truck frame system, and RGVA are Europe’s leading Traxx® reseller. We have vast Traxx experience as thousands of our customers fleet vehicles currently have it installed and promoting their brand.

Colour Change Wraps

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to completely change the look of your vehicle without the cost of painting it. The vinyl protects the paintwork. All RGVA vinyl wrappers are 3M AVW (Advanced Vehicle Wrappers) approved. 

RGVA Is a 3MSelectGold Partner

As vehicle branding becomes increasingly complex, poorly fitted graphics and applications that quickly fail are becoming all too common. As well as looking unsightly, sub-standard workmanship could damage your brand’s reputation.

However, because RGVA is a 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner, you’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that only comes with vinyl wraps and graphics manufactured and fitted under the 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner Warranty.

RGVA Is a 3M™ Select™ Gold Partner

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@RGVAltdMar 14
@3MGraphicsUK That's a quality looking wrap right there! 😉
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@RGVAltdMar 10
Two wraps for @prsdist is finshed and we have to say they're looking great in the sun, what do you think?…
RGVA VehicleGraphics
@RGVAltdMar 08
Full wraps on 3 of these big boys for @prsdist in their striking livery, some early mornings ahead for our fitters!

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